COVID19 ... 21/22:

The Corona pandemic is showing its teeth, and new infection figures are still high (as of 01.11.21). In most European countries, Albania is considered a "high-risk country", and the 3G rule applies: vaccinated - tested or recovered, one of which must be proven before entry. Those who can only prove a (negative) test must also be quarantined. According to Albanian law, the same rules apply for entry into Albania, more or less in practice. We recommend traveling only with full vaccination protection. With appropriate behavior on the road, and with our professional support, we believe the risk of traveling in Albania is manageable. How about an individual tour?


Destination Albania

You are welcome to our travel destination Albania. Our specialty is the planning and organisation of active travel in Albania and its neighbouring countries. On this website you find some of our explorers’ offers: of longer round trips (8 days+); or you discover the beautiful but unknown places with our shorter local discoveries travel packages (up to 3 days), into all parts of Albania, these you can extend and combine easily; or you contact our travel service for single services like transportation, accommodation, or for your individual travel ideas. Albania appears small on the map, but is amazingly wide and various while travelling. Experience old cultures, fantastic nature landscapes, more than 300km coastline, and above all the hospitable and authentic travel atmosphere.


Berati Tours Albania - Wanderung

Berati Tours Albania (BTA)

is a well-established incoming tour operator and travel agent for Albania and neighboring countries. Your satisfaction and our success are based on many years of experience, as well as an extensive network of professional partners. In 2019 we were honoured “Best Tour Operatorof the year by the Albanian Tourism Union (ATU) ... (read more about us)


Tourism of tomorrow

In addition to our travel offer, as DMC / DMO, we are locally committed to sustainable tourism, nature conservation and environmental education. Since 2020 Berati Tours Albania is a Travelife partner, an internationally recognized certifier of the sustainability of tour operators. This partnership is part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy of BTA ... (read more about it)

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