Why Berati Tours Albania (BTA)? Today’s old town of Berati is UNESCO World Heritage City and much visited. With the city's history going back around 2002 years, it still appears like a fairy tale from 1001 nights, around which many myths and legends are entwined: a cultural pearl!

In Ottoman times, a berât is actually a decree from the sultan himself, with which rights and privileges were conferred, like the right to found a mosque, a fountain or a library. Of course, we did not need such a sultan's decree to found “Berâti” Tours in 2012. But the basic idea is similar: to contribute with BTA something that benefits the locals in Albania.

Meanwhile BTA is a well-established and acknowledged incoming tour operator and travel agent specializing in Albania and neighboring countries, with office in the capital Tirana. For the year 2019 we received the award “Best Tour Operator of the Year” from the Albanian Tourism Union (ATU). We are a small, specialized team with an extensive network of partners, and we attach particular importance to sustainable forms of travel and tourism. To this end, we design and organize eventful and informative active trips. We are also committed to professional destination marketing/ management (DMC) on site (see: Sustainability).

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